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Intelligent custom kitchen designs that are as unique as you

We have seen time and time again how renovating a kitchen can change your home lifestyle and add value to your home.

Whether you are building a new home or completing your dream renovation, BAC will provide personalised service, quality workmanship and attention to detail.

We approach every Perth kitchen renovation with a focus on what your needs are, what you want from your kitchen and what you expect the end result to be. We don’t provide a “flat pack” solution, instead working in partnership with you to ensure you get the custom kitchen renovation solution you desire. At BAC we hand-make our kitchen cabinets right here in Perth, which means that you get the best possible service. This includes a consultation with our team to find out exactly what you need, as well as get to know your style and desires. Contact us today to organise your free consultation.

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Modern inspired custom kitchen makeovers

We have seen time and time again how renovating a kitchen can change your home lifestyle and add value to your home.
Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your new kitchen not only has the functionality to suit your unique lifestyle needs, but also has the style and look you desire. At BAC, we custom design every part of the kitchen to ensure it works best for you as well as only use the highest-quality supplies when we hand make your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for additional cupboard space, that dream island bench or an entire kitchen makeover, we custom design a unique solution. By drawing inspiration from the most current design trends to ensure your kitchen renovation is unique, intelligent and beautifully modern.

Worried about your small kitchen? 

We’re not going to let a small kitchen hold back the space’s potential

At BAC we tailor our solution to fit in with your space. There are many strategies that BAC put in place to maximise cupboard space, preparation space and the functionality of any sized kitchen. We’ll work with the floor plan to maximise the effectiveness of the space.

L shaped kitchen designs

The L shaped kitchen is one of the most efficient use of space out of all the kitchen designs. It has a multitude of advantages for both small and medium sized kitchens, and is perfect if you’re looking for open plan spaces.


L-shaped Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas

1. Key features of an L-shaped kitchen renovaiton
The L-shaped layout opens up the kitchen space so family and friends can come and go without collisions.

Key space considerations:

It’s an open plan kitchen with two adjacent walls.
There’s enough space for multiple cooks and guests to be in the kitchen together.
Add an island bench to create a flexible and interactive space for dining and entertaining.

L-shaped kitchen design ideas

They say kitchens sell houses, but when it comes to renovating your dream kitchen and impressing potential buyers, how do L-shaped kitchen designs stack up?

With an open design and appliances positioned on right-angled walls, L-shaped kitchens are easy and efficient to use. Plus, they work well for both small and large kitchen areas alike.

The kitchen work triangle – that is, the three points most-used in the kitchen (the sink, the oven / stove and the fridge) – easily fits into the floor plan of an L-shaped kitchen, so you’ll never be more than a few steps away from what you need.

Wondering where to position your appliances for the most efficient work triangle in your L-shaped kitchen?

“The golden rule in kitchen renovation is to create an imaginary triangle between the fridge, cooktop and sink where possible,” says Sarah Comerford from Home by Belle.

“In L-shaped kitchens the fridge should be positioned at one end (on the same side as the cooktop) and the sink on the opposite side. If they’re spaced well enough apart it will give enough bench top space in between.” This makes L designs particularly good for small kitchen renovations.

So, if the L-shaped kitchen layout lends itself to efficient usage – what other benefits are there?

“L-shaped kitchens tend to have more storage and bench top space than galley kitchens, as well as easier access than a U-shaped kitchen.”

Plus, you have the option of adding a kitchen table or butcher’s block in the opening of the ‘L’, which can increase the prep area. Or, if you’re entertaining, it keeps the guests close to the action in the kitchen, and offers a greater opportunity to chat and mingle.

With the butler’s pantry fast becoming more popular, you might be wondering how to incorporate this growing trend into your kitchen. The trick is to plan ahead and ensure you have enough space.

Space is, of course, essential for butler’s pantries. While L-shaped kitchens do offer a spacious floor plan, the most open area is at the centre – not the right place for a butler’s pantry. It’s best to tackle the addition of a butler’s pantry at the design stage of a renovation or new build to ensure good storage and easy movement around the kitchen.

The number one mistake to avoid when it comes to L-shaped kitchen designs?

“Not using the corner space correctly. A lot of space can be wasted if an L-shaped kitchen is not designed to incorporate all useable space,” Sarah says.

Advantages of L-shaped kitchens


A common kitchen layout in lots of homes is the L-shaped kitchen. Read on as we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the L-shaped kitchen design.

One of the most efficient kitchen layouts for the modern home is the L-shaped kitchen. L-shaped kitchens offer an easy and efficient workspace and allow appliances and cabinets to be installed along right angled walls with an open area in the centre. The L-shaped kitchen layout offers a range of advantages – if you want to learn more then read on…

Great Working Triangle

The most efficient kitchens are designed with the ‘working triangle’ in mind. The working triangle allows you to move easily between your sink, oven/cook top and refrigerator.

L-shaped kitchens are a great proponent of the working triangle. With work stations set out on two different walls in L-shaped kitchens, you don’t have to walk too far to reach different zones, making meal prep more organised!

Multiple Entrances

L-shaped kitchens are tucked into corners and usually have two open ends which allows for different entries and exits. This means traffic can flow freely through the space. A free flowing kitchen can be really beneficial when entertaining because less traffic jams means more room and less stress when preparing food!

Open plan living

Open plan living is the hallmark of modern homes and the L-Shaped kitchen is perfect if you have an open layout or are designing an open plan space for your next remodel.

L-shaped kitchens only use two walls which means they naturally open up space. This is ideal if you want to open your kitchen to another room; typically a dining room, living room or family room. Open plan kitchen designs make life easy when entertaining – you don’t miss out on the fun!

The open space of an L-shaped kitchen is also great for a table and chairs making meal time relaxed and easy.

L-shaped kitchen advantages


  • Great for corner space
  • Efficient for small and medium kitchen spaces
  • Benchtops and cabinets can be adjusted to length
  • Minimal through traffic
  • Easy working triangle
  • Perfect for open plan designs


L-shaped kitchen disadvantages


  • Not efficient for large kitchens because appliances are too spread out
  • Not as easy for multiple cooks

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An L-shaped kitchen lends itself to a medium to large area and is ideal if you want to incorporate a dining table into the scheme.

Position tall units (pantry, fridge, wall oven) along one arm of the L, and the main bench (with cooktop and sinks) on the other. This will provide maximum bench and storage space, and plenty of circulation room for at least two people to work within the kitchen area.


  • Adaptable, functional, stylish and social. This is a very popular kitchen layout for houses.


  • Sometimes this configuration is all about fitting everything in and the flow when cooking may not be ideal.

In an L-shaped kitchen, finish taller cabinets in a similar colour or material to the walls so they visually blend with the rest of the room.

Island kitchen design

Your dream kitchen might have an island bench-top working space. It is one of the most popular features of modern kitchen design and can add additional space for not only preparation, but storage space too.


Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Every Space and Budget

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Even the smallest kitchen island has the potential to offer many uses. When considering a budget kitchen renovations, select an island that has the five following abilities:

  1. Creates extra counter space
  2. Can be used as an eating counter or breakfast spot
  3. Has additional storage via drawers, shelves or hooks
  4. Is sized correctly to not interrupt your kitchen work flow

A practical eating counter island needs open shelving where knees can tuck or an overhang on at least one side for low-profile, backless bar stool to tuck in.

If you find a good kitchen counter that is missing an overhang or open side, you can always add a larger, new top to your find. Make sure the new top is large enough to allow at least a 6” ledge on one side and that the new top is durable enough to withstand kitchen use.

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to add a kitchen island, how large should your island be? According to the book The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, allow an aisle of 900mm wide or 1080mm wide if the island is facing an appliance door.

Good places for islands include the center of a kitchen or to enclose an open floor plan kitchen in an L or U shape formation.

While the standard aisle width guideline of 900mm allows two people to pass, you could have a clearance as small as 900mm if the spot is not high traffic. Take newspaper or painter’s tape and plan a floor outline of where you’d like your island to sit with proper clearance. Test your floor plan and adjust accordingly.

If you find that your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a permanent island, choose an island that can be rolled, tucked away or moved to another area as needed.

You don’t have to specifically go out and purchase or custom make a kitchen island. There are a variety of small kitchen island ideas that may work better in your small space than a permanent cabinet piece.

Here’s our favorite small kitchen island ideas:

A Restaurant Grade Small Kitchen Island
Visit a restaurant supply store and pick up an industrial, commercial stainless work table. They’re lightweight yet sturdy, durable in stainless steel, come in a variety of sizes as narrow as 400mm and are fairly inexpensive.

For the most use, select one that has a towel bar for hooks and textiles and open shelving below. Locking wheels are helpful if you plan on moving your island often, although restaurant grade work tables are often lightweight enough to move without needing wheels.

A Butcher Block Kitchen Island
A butcher block is a perfect island alternative. The surface is ready for kitchen use and you can usually add a couple of stools to create a snack counter.

A Repurposed Furniture Kitchen Island
A cheap and effective way to add an island to a small kitchen is by repurposing a furniture piece as an island. Some furniture as small kitchen island ideas include:

A sofa table
Sofa tables are designed to be narrow enough to sit behind a sofa or in an entry way. Available in a variety of sizes and styles and normally around 760mm high, they make a good kitchen island option.

Recycle an old or vintage cabinet as an island. Look for ones that have plenty of shelving, drawers or other storage options. The one in the image above was once a clothing store display cabinet.

A tall dining table in the right proportion can be the perfect island for dining, prep and counter space. Add hooks to the side for extra storage.

The Drop Leaf Kitchen Island
A smart way to add extra counter space to a budget kitchen renovation involves the drop leaf. Pop it up when needed and drop down for ease of movement in a small kitchen.

If adding an island is not possible, take inspiration from the drop leaf island and add a drop leaf at the end of a kitchen cabinet or kitchen wall. The extra counter space could serve as an eating nook or extra prep area that can be stored when not in use.

A Floating Island Ledge
Find a space where a simple butcher block ledge can serve as a kitchen island. If a ledge isn’t possible, create an enclosure with a minimalist island design.

A Storable Kitchen Island
Is there an open spot where an island can store when not in use? Design a kitchen island that will fit in the dimensions of the opening. Better yet, if you’re designing a kitchen, include one cabinet piece that can roll out and be used as an island or extra counter space in a different spot.

A Rolling Kitchen Island
Regardless of the island you use, if you need the island to be mobile, adding high quality wheels to one is an easy upgrade. Choose high density polyurethane wheels that have a locking mechanism that keeps the island from moving.

U shaped kitchen designs

The u shaped kitchen design offers a range of benefits including more storage space in our custom made cabinets. This style in particular is best suited for large kitchens, but can be tailored based on your space.

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6 Popular Kitchen Renovation Layouts

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U-shaped kitchens are great for large families or where multiple cooks will be working simultaneously in the space. This layout is also flexible. It can work in both long, narrow galley-style spaces or small kitchens, as well as large square spaces with a central island workstation.

Where space permits, a central dining table set within the U provides a casual dining or workspace.


  • U-shaped kitchens can be placed adjacent to the living area, fostering a connection but allowing a degree of privacy from the open-plan living/dining zone.


  • A U-shaped kitchen’s large mass of cabinets can feel bulky if the detailing isn’t closely considered. This kitchen layout is also better suited to a period rather than modern home.

Watch the gap! The area within the U can be any size, but if too wide it becomes inconvenient putting too much distance between work zones.

Key features of an U-shaped kitchen


The U-shaped kitchen is suitable for larger kitchen spaces and is a great option for families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The U-shaped layout is made up of three walls of cabinetry and benchtop joined to resemble the letter. It can feature upper and lower cabinets on all three sides or leave one wall without upper cabinets to allow the kitchen to open into an adjoining space.

Typically the U-shaped layout is extremely functional and ensures each work zone in the triangle is close together, however depending on the size of the room appliance placing may need to be more carefully considered.

Key space considerations for your renovation:

  • With three walls it offers lots of storage and benchtop space
  • With a wide enough U-shape an island bench can be added
  • Doesn’t allow for through traffic into other rooms
  • Cabinet and appliance door openings need to be planned carefully to make sure all can be opened without hitting another
  • With cabinets in two corners, use clever corner storage devices like carousels to make accessing the space easy

About U-shaped Kitchen Renovations


A U-shaped kitchen is made up of cabinets on three adjoining walls, two parallel walls perpendicular to a third. It is also sometimes referred to as a C shape or J shape kitchen. This kitchen configuration functions really well with the kitchen work triangle, ensuring only a small distance between each work zone.

This kitchen design maximises the use of all available space for storage and benchtops. The U shape kitchen works well when one ‘leg’ or bench is opened up to an adjoining room to create a more open plan living area. Another popular option is to add a servery window through to dining or living areas.


  • Efficient for a small to medium kitchen space
  • Plenty of bench space
  • No through traffic to disrupt work zones
  • A wide ‘U’ can support a kitchen island
  • Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar
  • Maximises use of space available


  • Not efficient for large kitchens without an island addition – too far between benches
  • Bottom corner cabinets need careful consideration to avoid access issues
  • Care needs to be taken in the kitchen renovation design process to ensure ovens, cabinets and drawers don’t clash

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